BGM Layer Standards & Block Naming

1. Layers

Layers should be based on the AIA CAD Standards and where we have a specific requirement not covered by AIA we will use a new classification of BGM for where there is no suitable AIA layer, so departmental hatch would be BGM-DEPT-HATC-???? Or Phase info for a move plan would be BGM-MOVE-PHSE.

Here is a link to the AIA Layer Standards PDF.

For colours we use the following:
It is based on the fact the darker the colour the more fixed the item is and the colours are clear on both screen and plots.

Item Colour Number Layer
Core White 7 S-SHEL-CORE
Glass Dark Blue 5 S-SHEL-CORE / I-WALL-PART
Dry Wall Magenta 6 A-WALL-DRY
Partitions Including Doors Red 1 I-WALL-PART
Furniture Fixed Green 3 I-FURN
Furniture Flexible & Equip Cyan 4 I-FURN-FLEX & E-EQUIP

1.1 A - Architectural Layer

1.2 I - Interiors Layer

Layer Name Description
I-□□□□-FIXT Any major group: eg. plumbing fixtures
I-□□□□-GRID Any major group: eg. grid
I-□□□□-SIGN Any major group: eg. signs
I-AREA-OCCP Area: occupant or employee names
I-CASE Casework
I-CLNG Ceiling
I-CLNG-ACCS Ceiling: access
I-CLNG-OPEN Ceiling: openings
I-CLNG-SUSP Ceiling: suspended elements
I-CLNG-TEES Ceiling: main tees
I-COLS Columns
I-DOOR Doors
I-DOOR-FULL Doors: full-height
I-DOOR-PRHT Doors: partial height
I-EQPM Equipment
I-EQPM-ACCS Equipment: access
I-EQPM-FIXD Equipment: fixed
I-EQPM-MOVE Equipment: moveable
I-EQPM-NICN Equipment: not in contract
I-EQPM-OVHD Equipment: overhead
I-EQPM-STOR Equipment: storage
I-FLOR Floor
I-FLOR-EVTR Floor: elevator cars & equipment
I-FLOR-FIXT Floor: plumbing fixtures
I-FLOR-HRAL Floor: hand rails
I-FLOR-LEVL Floor: level changes, ramps, pits, depressions
I-FLOR-OTLN Floor: outline
I-FLOR-OVHD Floor: overhead
I-FLOR-RAIS Floor: raised
Layer Name Description
I-FLOR-RISR Floor: stair risers
I-FLOR-SIGN Floor: sign
I-FLOR-STRS Floor: stair treads, escalators, ladders
I-FLOR-SPCL Floor: architectural specialities (eg. toilet room accessories, display cabinet)
I-FLOR-TPTN Floor: toilet partitions
I-FLOR-WDWK Floor: architectural woodwork
I-FNSH Finishes
I-FURN Furnishings
I-FURN-FILE Furnishings: file cabinets
I-FURN-FREE Furnishings: freestanding
I-FURN-PLNT Furnishings: plants
I-FURN-PNLS Furnishings: system panels
I-FURN-SEAT Furnishings: seating
I-FURN-STOR Furnishings: system storage components
I-FURN-WKSF Furnishings: system work surface components
I-GLAZ Glazing
I-GLAZ-FULL Glazing: full-height
I-GLAZ-PRHT Glazing: partial-height
I-GLAZ-SILL Glazing: window sills
I-HVAC-SDFF HVAC: supply diffusers
I-HVAC-RDFF HVAC: return air diffusers
I-MILL Millwork
I-PRTN Partitions
I-PRTN-FULL Partitions: full-height
I-PRTN-PRHT Partitions: partial-height
I-PRTN-MOVE Partitions: moveable partitions
I-PRTN-HEAD Partitions: door and window headers
I-PRTN-JAMB Partitions: door and window jambs
I-PRTN-FIRE Partitions: fire wall

1.3 S - Structural Layer

1.4 Z - Title Layer

This layer is used to display the title blocks. Z is used as it conveniently puts these layers at the bottom of the list out of the way.


1.5 LMS - Layer Management System

When using Accordant in conjunction with CAD, it uses the following layers to calculate chargeable space and seatable locations in the drawing and to provide information detailing desk and equipment locations.


1.6 BGM - BGM specific layers

2. Blocks

Blocks should be based on a similar hierarchy system to layers
So a;

  • 1600 steel case desk would be I-DESK-1600x800-SC
  • generic desk would be I-DESK-1600x800-GEN
  • A filing cabinet could be I-FILE-DOOR-4HIG-800x465-GEN
  • A column would be S-CORE-COLM-400x600

Blocks should always be created on layer 0 and set to colour “by Block”.

Do not give a non standard desk a standard name.
This will cause issues