AutoCad Training

Welcome to the AutoCad training page, below you will find a series of videos that run through
general CAD tips as well as guides on how to produce BGM branded drawings

Setting Objects to the correct layers

When setting up or cleaning drawings to reflect the BGM Layer Standards it is
important to make sure that all objects are on the correct layers, quickly and accurately.

This video goes through how to change items to the correct layers using the isolate layer tool.

Creating Viewports in Paper Space

This video goes through setting up viewports in paper space
correctly and to the BGM standard

Changing The Viewport Scale

This video shows you how to set and change the viewport scale

Controlling Layers in Viewports

This video highlights how to control layers with in viewports to be able
to show different information from the same drawing

Setting the Building Locator

A building locator ahows the person reading the drawing which area of
the building the drawing refers to

This video shows you how to set up the BGM building locator

Drawing Layout and Adding Text

This video goes through laying out a drawing in paper space and the
hierarchy between drawings and text

Plot Styles

This video demostrated how to set up and use plotstyles